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Dear culture design leader,


As you know, the way we build company culture has become more complex and more needed in our rapidly transforming & diverse business world. It has become difficult to

  • lead and build strong, trusted connections in remote and hybrid settings.

  • create coherence & clarity about your culture DNA while everything is in flux.

  • feel connected and inspired by fellow culture peers.

Over the past few years we have witnessed that doing the “human” work is often a lonely place to be in. While the emerging field of culture design becomes essential and more accepted for business success, it’s still early days.

That is why we founded the belong community. To connect humans in people & culture roles. We have seen that a lot of magic and impact can happen when people with shared visions come together.

Are you ready to join?

- Eva-Maria & Karím

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Eva-Maria Zoll

Co-Founder and Host

Eva-Maria is the co-founder of & She pioneers and innovates in the field of Culture Design since 2018 and is passionate to create healthy work environments. She is an expert in team culture & learning experience, a business innovation consultant, and a seasoned facilitator and teacher with over 18 years of experience. 

Eva-Maria is a graduate of Germany's most innovative Business school, Alanus University, a certified  Design Thinker at the HPI in Berlin, a BDVT certified business trainer, and a member of Sandbox, a global community for young innovators. 

Having co-build the award-winning health tech company as the first employee, led her to understand the importance and possibility of shaping the "Culture DNA" of a team early on. It did also show her the lack of resources and tools for teams to understand how to shape team culture from day one.  

The experience of having worked in a variety of different work environments,  having lived and worked in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mexico, Germany, India, Peru, Portugal, USA, and her ongoing own research gives her a unique and sharp perspective on understanding power dynamics in teams and being able to put words to the often invisible layer of culture. 

Eva-Maria works with clients coming from all around the world and when she doesn’t explore countries herself, she currently lives in Frankfurt. 


Karím Mustaghni

Co-Founder and Host

Karim Mustaghni is an entrepreneur, artist, and keynote speaker with 150+ speeches experience, and the co-founder of and He is a creativity and DEI/team culture expert and an experienced business innovation consultant with 15+ years of work experience. Karim has a passion for teaching creativity and designing human-centric, high-performing team cultures through neuroscience and behavioral design. He is on a mission to unlock the full diverse 'creative' potential of humans and organizations through a holistic culture and DEI approach.


Networks are his thing. He lived on five continents, built himself a one-of-a-kind network of 2500+ global experts and innovators, served as community director of Sigma Squared Society, a global community for the world's most disruptive young entrepreneurs, is a Global Shaper, an initiative of the WEF, a member of Sandbox, member of the 2hearts community and a fellow of the BMW Foundation. Karim is also the host of the creativity podcast "What If...?" on Apple & Spotify.

Read more about Karim and his work on his website



We imagine a future in which everyone feels safe, respected & authentic when working with each other, in order to create real, diverse innovation that benefits all. 


Make the work on culture as simple and applicable as possible, in order to design human-centric company cultures based on trust more easily.


  • We believe in the moral responsibility of leaders & stakeholders to actively design human-centric cultures.

  • We believe making mental health a high priority is a 'must' for every organization in the 21st century.

  • We believe real, diverse innovation can only happen in human-centric cultures based on trust.

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Thanks for submitting!

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